Wooden Garage Doors: The Pros And Cons

21 February 2020
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Garage doors are a huge aspect of your home design. They are highly visible and hard to ignore. Basically, if your garage doors look shabby and out of date, they can make your entire home exterior look the same. For instance, newly painted walls don't look all that great if the garage doors are faded and out of style. Garage door replacement usually isn't the first thing that homeowners have on the list of potential remodels, but it should be up there. Read More 

Faulty Garage Door? Two Reasons To Have It Repaired Right Away

20 February 2020
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Having a garage is a luxury that some people actively seek out when looking for a residence. It's great to be able to beat the elements by keeping your vehicle in the garage so you don't have to brave torrential rains when you're coming and going. If you lift and lower your garage door each day, there is bound to come a time when the door doesn't work quite as well as it used to. Read More 

Garage Door Services When Your System Starts To Malfunction

14 February 2020
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Garage door systems can start behaving strange for a variety of reasons. Loose tension springs can cause your door to open slowly, or make it difficult for your door to stay in the open position. If your motor is burning out, your door will open more slowly. Power problems with your garage door can mean the circuit to your garage door is overloaded. If your door changes direction when you open or close it, or you notice that the door doesn't shut completely, it's time to get your garage door inspected to see what is going on. Read More