2 Signs The Rollers On Your Home's Garage Door Are Going Bad

17 May 2023
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If you have been having trouble with your garage door lately, you may be wondering about what is causing the issue. After doing a few small tests, such as opening the door part of the way, you may have found that it remains stable and have already ruled out the springs as the cause.

While conducting your investigation, you should consider the possibility that the rollers are to blame for the problem. Below are a couple of the signs that the rollers on your home's garage door are going bad and should be repaired by a professional.

1. Door Makes a Screeching Noise While It Is Both Opening and Closing

One sign that the rollers are causing problems with your garage door is when you hear a screeching noise while it is moving. Whether the door is opening or closing, you will hear this sound the entire time it is in motion.

If this is the case, the rollers could be out of alignment and are pushing against the tracks. Or, they may be so rusted that they are having difficulty rolling. Either way, you will need to have a professional find the exact cause of the noise so they can realign, replace, or lubricate the rollers so they move freely.

2. Garage Door Shakes Violently, Especially When It Reaches the Same Point Along Its Path

Another sign that the rollers are causing issues with the garage door's movement is when the door shakes violently. While the shaking could occur the entire time the door is moving, it may become worse once the door reaches the same point along its path.

If this is the case, the rollers may not be fully resting within the tracks and are bumping the sides. Or, they may have been damaged and are no longer able to move smoothly. A professional can inspect the rollers and either recenter them so they are back inside the tracks or replace the rollers if damaged.

When your door makes a screeching noise every time it moves and violently shakes, especially when it reaches the same point along its path, the rollers are more than likely damaged, worn out, or rusted. Because working with or replacing the rollers yourself could cause injury or further damage to the garage door, you should have a professional examine and fix them. Contact a business that offers garage door services in your area to speak to a representative about scheduling an appointment for a service call.