How To Care For Your Garage Door

2 September 2020
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Your garage door is a very crucial part of your home that you need to take care of. When your door is functioning properly, it might be something you don't ever think twice about, but the moment it breaks you will notice how important it is to take care of your residential garage door. Here are a few things to consider when dealing with garage doors. Yearly Inspections are Crucial Read More 

4 Things to Know About Garage Door Opener Replacement

30 July 2020
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In the process of replacing your home's garage doors? If so, you might also be thinking about replacing your garage door openers. Before you spend your hard-earned money on new openers, however, there are a few things you should know. 1. You Don't Always Need New Openers With New Doors First of all, don't assume that just because you need new garage doors, you have to replace your openers at the same time. Read More 

Protect Your Garage From Changing Weather

10 July 2020
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Your garage may be your safe space. Perhaps you seek solace by working on projects in the garage, or maybe you see it as a source of protection for your vehicle and other items. Regardless, you should focus on keeping the garage safe and weather-ready. What Can Go Wrong? There are a lot of issues you can face in your garage, including snow, rain, mildew, and intense heat. You need to take steps to keep your garage safe. Read More 

Does Your Garage Door Need Repairs? 3 Injuries You Face If You Postpone Service

9 June 2020
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If your garage door is giving you problems, it's time to call for repairs. You should never postpone garage door repairs. Garage door problems can lead to serious accidents and injuries. In fact, about 30,000 people are injured in garages and by garage doors each year. Some of these injuries can be avoided by keeping up on the repairs. If you're not sure how your faulty garage door can injure you, look at the list provided below. Read More 

Residential Garage Door Installation And Design Improvements To Help Makeover Your Home Exterior During Renovations

10 April 2020
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If you are planning on installing a new garage door for your home when doing renovations, you may want to do improvements to change the appearance. Some of the options you may want to consider include adding details to the opening, using solid doors, and adding brackets or other false details to the door. There are also options for practical improvements that improve efficiency and reduce wear. The following garage door installation and design improvements will help you makeover the exterior appearance of your home during renovations: Read More