Garage Door Services When Your System Starts To Malfunction

14 February 2020
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Garage door systems can start behaving strange for a variety of reasons. Loose tension springs can cause your door to open slowly, or make it difficult for your door to stay in the open position. If your motor is burning out, your door will open more slowly. Power problems with your garage door can mean the circuit to your garage door is overloaded. If your door changes direction when you open or close it, or you notice that the door doesn't shut completely, it's time to get your garage door inspected to see what is going on. Even when you are able to identify the problem, professional garage door services are going to be more efficient at repairs.

When You Need New Tension Springs

You should not touch your tension springs on your own. It is not safe to try and adjust your tension springs, as they can snap if you don't know what you are doing. Tension springs are tightly coiled metal, and you can get seriously injured if it snaps. Two signs that your tension springs need to be replaced include the door won't stay in the open position and the opener moves slowly. Tension springs last about 5 years until they need to be replaced.

Problems with Your Tracks

Track problems are common. If a bracket falls off, the tracks become uneven. Small pebbles or other debris in your tracks can make your garage door reverse direction. If you have a missing bracket, you can end up bending your track when you try to open and close your door. If a track bends, you will probably need to replace it.

Understanding Your Opener

Sometimes an issue with engaging your opener isn't with your opener at all. You might not have power going to the opener, and need to address the issue. Openers last about 15 years, but they can burn out early when tension springs are not adjusted. If you notice your door moving slowly, check to see if your tension springs are loose. Try opening the door manually to see if the tension springs help hold the weight of the door.

Garage door services should be called when you notice problems with how your garage door opens and closes. Small problems should be addressed in order to avoid larger ones. Get your tension springs adjusted by a professional so that you don't get hurt and pay attention to loose brackets.