Signs You Need New Garage Door Springs

24 February 2022
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A garage door boosts your home's security by preventing unauthorized entry indoors. Nonetheless, garage doors get damaged over time due to weather elements. For instance, excess moisture from heavy downpours may cause the rusting of some door parts. Springs are among the most crucial components since they lower the door upon gaining tension and raise the door upon releasing tension. Since springs control the core door functions, they should be in excellent condition. Unfortunately, damage is inevitable, calling for spring replacement. But, when is the right time to replace your old garage door springs? These are the indicators.

Opening and Closing Problems

A garage door in good condition opens and closes efficiently. Therefore, if you experience problems when opening and closing your door, this may be an indicator of broken garage door springs. The spring system may shatter when it wears down with time. Also, the springs are at risk of wear and tear since garage doors operate several times a day. Furthermore, weather elements may result in spring corrosion, which results in increased tension. Rusty springs snap easily. If you're dealing with a broken spring system, the raising and closing door motion may stop abruptly. Thus, consider installing new garage door springs when you experience operational problems to increase your door's efficiency.

Door Heaviness

Your door opener struggles to open a garage door whose spring system is damaged. Garage door openers have safety features that detect strain on the springs. In such cases, your garage door may open partially before closing again to stop damage from the extra weight. Additionally, your door may feel heavier than normal when the springs don't work properly. New springs can carry your garage door's weight efficiently, facilitating easy lifting. Thus, replace the springs if the garage door feels heavier to increase your door's lifespan. 

Weird Noises

Garage doors usually produce a quiet noise when operating. Hence, if you notice abnormal sounds emanating from your garage door, the springs may have snapped due to excessive pressure. When the springs snap, they strain to maintain normal door functions resulting in loud noises. These noises can be irritating and cause discomfort. In this regard, you require a new spring system to eliminate the weird sounds and increase your home's comfort.

The common indicators of garage door spring replacement include loud noises, door heaviness, and problems raising and lowering your door. Consider installing new garage door springs when you notice these issues.