How to Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Sealed Well Enough

17 August 2022
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The primary goal of owning a garage is to protect your vehicles from inclement weather. If your garage door is not sealed well enough, moisture might enter your garage and pests might also be able to get inside and cause damage both to your garage and the vehicle you keep inside.

Check the Weather Strip

When your garage door is sealed, it will be much cooler in the summer and much warmer in the winter. A weather strip seal plays a major role in making sure that your garage is adequately sealed. If you notice that the strip is frayed or worn out, it will be time to have the weather strip replaced.

Otherwise, your garage will not be as comfortable because you will experience a draft, You might also notice that leaves and debris have made their way into your garage. If this is the case, you'll want a garage repair technician to replace the weather strip.

Look for Bugs and Debris

Pests can sometimes find their way inside your garage. However, if your garage is not adequately sealed, this can lead to an even greater pest problem. Pests can make your garage unpleasant to use, cause it to become very filthy, and cause damage to your garage. Replacing a weather seal strip is also not very expensive compared with hiring an exterminator.

You might notice that debris, rain, and snow are entering your garage. This could be due to the previous seal not being durable enough to resist the weather conditions that the seal is placed under. You might want to replace your current seal with a tougher seal that is able to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. 

Hire a Garage Repair Technician

Garage door seals need to be measured properly so that they will fit. Otherwise, there might be an opening in the seal and it will not be as effective. If you have a wooden door, you will also need to have a special wood sealant applied so that the wood door doesn't allow air to escape. The technician might also add a rubber threshold to seal the door even more.

Hiring a garage door repair technician will also allow you to have your garage door inspected to ensure that there are no other problems that might arise. Then, you can have your door repaired so that you won't have to have it replaced sooner.