2 Parts Of Getting Your Garage Door Serviced

11 November 2022
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If you have a garage door, you need to ensure that you keep it in good shape. If something goes wrong with your door, it can make your garage unusable. The best way to make sure that your garage door is going to keep functioning the way that it should is to have it serviced regularly. Getting the door serviced is no different from taking your car to the garage to have the mechanic work on it, only this time, the service tech comes to you. So, what are some things that the service tech will work on when they check out your garage door?


One of the things that the service tech will look at is your springs. The springs are responsible for helping you open and close your garage door. The doors are generally pretty heavy and fighting against gravity to lift them up can be hard. The spring is designed to take the garage door's weight when it reaches a certain point and then pulls it the rest of the way up. When the door goes down, the spring is supposed to help keep the door from slamming shut too fast or too hard. The service tech will look at the springs and ensure there aren't any cracks, rust, or other damage to your springs. They are under intense amounts of strain, and if one of the springs were to break suddenly, someone could get really hurt. 


All the moving parts of your garage door and garage door opener need to be able to move smoothly. That can be hard if there isn't any kind of lubrication in between the pieces. Metal doesn't really like to rub against itself. It creates friction and causes damage. That's why lubricants are so important. The service tech will clean out any old lube because it can be full of dirt, dust, and other contaminants, which can cause the door not to move smoothly. Once everything has been cleaned out, the tech will apply new lubricant to all the places that need it. 

A garage door makes your garage usable. You can close the door with your car safe inside and keep other people out. You want to make sure that your garage door is going to work as well as possible for as long as possible. The best way to do that is to have it serviced regularly. 

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